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Tips For Safe Texting

From taking close-up pictures to selecting your language carefully, our

experts draft 10 do’s and don’ts for successful Texting.

Texting — forwarding seductive text messages, images or video clips — isn’t as uncomplicated sextingx25013341737632 Anticipationas it sounds. What you ought to write? Just how do you photo oneself in a blandishing way? More importantly, exactly how do you keep it private with the partner?

For those of you which haven’t tried Texting, or maybe if you’re not pretty sure you are being as good as you could be we have some skillful proposal in sending sensuous text communications. You’ll have to review it a few times before sending it, due to the fact that once it’s sent you can’t get it back!

Tips for successful Texting:

 Let’s get saucy 

Like the song said “ease on down the road” at first you have to ease your way into Texting, especially if it’s new to you. Because “Some mild flirting can gradually extend into hot and steamy Textings so first evaluate your limits, take things gradually — you don’t have to text your spiciest note or photo at first.

You can easily also start off slow by saving the personals for the bedroom. Instead of give it all in your Texts, built up the anticipation. And “If you don’t feels comfortable on sharing anything sensuous, then just flirt,”     See what I mean in this video3 MagicTexts female medium Anticipation

If you’re sending a picture or you sending some naughty text which one you think would have more effect The text message will get a higher rise than the picture.

You don’t have to say words that could intimidate or turn off your partner just use some nice complimentary phrases that could boost his ego and sometimes that works better than touching “the you know what”

If you’re into sending pictures better be safe than sorry, take close up shots, no facial, if you have to, disguise the part as much as you can “that is if you don’t want other people to recognize it” and let his imagination entice him.

Now there are three (3) things that you must not do when Texting

  1. Don’t text unwilling messages “it might be considered harassment”
  2. Don’t keep Texts messages on your phone. Once you enjoyed them delete them, be safe
  3. Make sure before you send your text messages or pictures that you are sending them to the right person

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